Paladin of Sarenrae


Originally: This young woman has long blonde hair streaming out the back of her helmet, and black eyes peering out from within. Early 20s or late teens, C cup, 5’11", 130 lbs.

And then: This young female kobold has hollow, black eyes staring vacantly into the distance. 2’9", 25 lbs.

Currently: This young woman has fiery hair that flows down her shoulders like a river of magma, but her beauty is marred by her dull, red eyes. Her skin is a healthy pink, the color of fair skin burned by the sun. C cup, 5’8", 130 lbs.


Tank of the adventuring party that came into the dungeon. From what you all could put together from talking to the group after reincarnating them, examining the dungeon, and a bit of guesswork, after Roc, the rogue, died from Bobo, the Grey Render, Morra warded Nichole, the sorceress, from the remaining traps, often purposefully setting off traps to protect her.

After she was reincarnated as a kobold she was handed over to Hellwyld as an offering/chewtoy, then reincarnated to her current for after Hellwyld was done with her.


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