This strange, beautiful woman has flesh that seems made of wood and vibrant hair that resembles leaves and blossoms.

A stoic look about her face and hair like leaves of a willow tree with the golden brown of fall (no blossoms, hair flat and straight). Her eyes are the same shade of dark brown as the tree she used to be linked to.

5’6", A cup.


A darkwood dryad acquired from the Whisperwood. After rescuing her nymph friend, Baeron uprooted her tree to sell on the market, then used a spell to bind her to him instead of a tree, using his fey energy as a huldra to create a similar dryad-tree link. The group then returned with her in tow, unable to move more than 300 yards from Baeron.

Back in Westcrown she was left to pick a room in the dungeon and choose, for reasons still unknown to most, to share a room with the erinyes devil Hellwyld.


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