This pretty blond young woman with blue eyes glowing crimson stands with her mouth screwed up in consternation, a reptilian tail peaking out from beneath her dress and wisps of shadow trailing from her hands. The smell of ice fills the air around her.


Obtained from the witches’ house after her sisters were killed by Baeron. Fumoria was crushed by him, but Silvia was left to be killed by the child she was keeping captive. After Baeron whispered some words of encouragement that is. Rhydr survived by not making any aggressive actions after her initial hex that she cast as directed by her older sister, Fumoria.

After arriving in Westcrown Rhydr was told to find a room to take up residence in one of the rooms of the dungeon, as she wasn’t allowed to go to the final room where the main group’s rooms are. She found a room near the final room and has done little to change it other than set up her bedroll and scrying mirror.

Rhydr was tasked to help Yami with the creation of certain magical traps. They seem to get along well enough.


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